Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Хочется в небо — I Want to Go to Heaven

   Автор музыки — Author of the music
        FECG - Lahr Betesdalahr & Mark Nedayvoda
    Автор текста — Author of the text
        FECG - Lahr Betesdalahr & Mark Nedayvoda

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1 куплет:
Хочется в Небо, где ждет нас Христос,
Khochetsya v Nebo, gde zhdet nas Khristos,
[I] want to Heaven, where waits [for] us Christ,
Где утешенье от пролитых слез,
Gde uteshen'ye ot prolitykh slez,
Where [is] consolation of shedding tears,
Где наши беды уйдут навсегда,
Gde nashi bedy uydut navsegda,
Where our troubles will depart forever,
Где не тоскует душа никогда.
Gde ne toskuyet dusha nikogda.
Where not longs [the] soul never.
Хочется в Небо когда за окном
Khochetsya v Nebo kogda za oknom
[I] want to Heaven when outside [the] window
Тучи прольются кровавым дождем.
Tuchi prol'yutsya krovavym dozhdem.
Clouds spill bloody rain.
Зло в этом мире опять и опять
Zlo v etom mire opyat' i opyat'
Evil in this world again and again
но я не устану Тебя, Боже, звать!
no ya ne ustanu Tebya, Bozhe, zvat'!
But I not weary of You, O God, to call!


Странник и пришелец в Мире этом я

Strannik i prishelets v Mire etom ya

[A] stranger and [an] alien in World this [am] I

Знаю, лишь на Небесах, Родина моя,

Znayu, lish' na Nebesakh, Rodina moya,

[I] know, only in Heaven, Homeland mine,

После всех скитаний и земных разлук

Posle vsekh skitaniy i zemnykh razluk

After all wanderings and earthly partings

Бог в великой славе ждёт меня как Друг.

Bog v velikoy slave zhdot menya kak Drug.

God in great glory awaits me as Friend.

2 куплет:
Хочется в Небо когда говорят
Khochetsya v Nebo kogda govoryat
[I] want to Heaven when [they] say 
Солнце померкло, и птицы молчат,
Solntse pomerklo, i ptitsy molchat,
Sun faded, and birds silent,
И, пеплом как снегом покрыты поля,
I, peplom kak snegom pokryty polya,
And, ash like snow covered [the] fields,
И, в облаке пыли исчезла Земля.
I, v oblake pyli ischezla Zemlya.
And, in cloud [of] dust disappeared [the] Earth.
Не плачь, не тоскуй, душа моя,
Ne plach', ne toskuy, dusha moya,
Not cry, not yearn, soul [of] mine,
Город на Небе готов для тебя.
Gorod na Nebe gotov dlya tebya.
City in Heaven ready/prepared for you
И если утратишь ты дом на Земле,
I yesli utratish' ty dom na Zemle,
And if will lose you home in Earth,
Бог все восполнит в Небесной Стране.
Bog vse vospolnit v Nebesnoy Strane.
God all will make up for in Heavenly Land.


Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Иерусалим — Jerusalem

Господь собирает Иерусалим,
Gospod' sobirayet Iyerusalim,
[The] Lord [is] gathering Jerusalem,
Он созидает Иерусалим;
On sozidayet Iyerusalim;
He builds up Jerusalem;
В Своем величии Бог непобедим,
V Svoyem velichii Bog nepobedim,
In His greatness God [is] invincible,
И город сей будет несокрушим.
I gorod sey budet nesokrushim.
And city this will be unconquerable / indestructible.

Он Собирает, Он созидает,
On Sobirayet, On sozidayet,
He gatherins, He builds,
   (or He is gathering, He is building)
Сердца и души Он воскрешает,
Serdtsa i dushi On voskreshayet,
Hearts and souls He resurects,
И к новой жизни путь открывает
I k novoy zhizni put' otkryvayet
And to new life [a] path [He] opens.
Путь в Иерусалим!
Put' v Iyerusalim!
[The] Way to Jerusalem!

Бог хочет, чтоб мы возвратились к Нему,
Bog khochet, chtob my vozvratilis' k Nemu,
God wants, that we return to Him,
Как дети к Отцу, возвратились к Нему.
Kak deti k Ottsu, vozvratilis' k Nemu.
Like children to Father, returned to Him.
Давайте мы славу Творцу воздадим
Davayte my slavu Tvortsu vozdadim
Let us we glory [to] Creator praise
   (that is, Let us give glory to the Creator)
Войдем в, Им построенный, Иерусалим!
Voydem v, Im postroyennyy, Iyerusalim!
Let us enter in, [by] Him built, Jerusalem!
   (that is, Let us enter into the Jerusalem built by Him!)

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Friday, February 14, 2020

Who Is Like Unto You, O Lord!?

"Who is like unto thee, O Lord, among the gods? who is like thee, glorious in holiness, fearful in praises, doing wonders?"
                               ~ Exodus 15:11
And if we really grasped even part of this we would be like Job who said:
“I am unworthy—how can I reply to you? I put my hand over my mouth. I spoke once, but I have no answer— twice, but I will say no more.” (Job 40:4 - 5)
Or like Isaiah who cried out, "Woe is me! I have seen the Lord and King!" (Isa. 6:5)
Or like John who was the Beloved disciple reclining against our Lord, yet when he saw the Risen and Glorious Lord, he fell at the Lord's feet as dead! (Rev. 1:17)

O Lord, grant us sight that we may see you better. Our frail and earthly eyes are clouded by things around us—things that do not last, that do not satisfy. Our hearts need you else restless we will ever be. Let us see that you are ever with us. Let us desire with increasing singularity nothing besides You. For our heart and flesh will fail, but You, O God, are our strength and our portion forever. Amen.

Exodus 15:11 sung in Russian, a cappella.  A small sense of the grandeur of God!
(English Subtitles Provided)


Wednesday, February 12, 2020

В Минуту Жизни Трудную — In the Troubled Time of Life

Written by: Михаил Юрьевич Лермонтов  (1814 - 1841)

В минуту жизни трудную,
V minutu zhizni trudnuyu,
In time [of] life troubled
  (ie, in the troubled time of life)
Теснится ль в сердце грусть,
Tesnitsya l' v serdtse grust',
Jostle  [there]  in  heart [a] sadness,
   Одну молитву чудную
   Odnu molitvu chudnuyu
   One prayer wonderful
   Твержу я наизусть.
   Tverzhu ya naizust'.
   Repeat I by rote.

Есть сила благодатная
Yest' sila blagodatnaya
[There] Is power [of] grace
В созвучье слов живых,
V sozvuch'ye slov zhivykh,
In harmony/consonance [of] words living
   И дышит непонятная,
   I dyshit neponyatnaya,
   And breathes [an] incomprehensible,
   Святая прелесть в них.
   Svyataya prelest' v nikh.
   Holy beauty in them.

С души как бремя скатится,
S dushi kak bremya skatitsya,
From [the] soul as burden will roll
Сомненье далеко — 
Somnen'ye daleko —
Doubt far away
   И верится, и плачется,
   I veritsya, i plachetsya,
   And it believes, and cries,
   И так легко, легко...
   I tak legko, legko...
   And so easily, easily...